Work Visa in France for Prospective International Employees

French companies are always in search of international talent, leading to enough job vacancies each year. According to a survey, about 3,000 international students choose to study in France and each year, the digits multiply and so does the growth rate of French economy.


While 80% of the French population is currently working in the tertiary sector while remaining is involved in manufacturing sector with only 2% employed in the producing sector of the economy.

France is a budding part of G7 countries with its rising economic sectors being the Banking, Energy, Transport, Tourism, Telecommunications and Health. Over the years, the service sector has become the support system of French Government by showing enough funding and protection at the time of economy crisis too. Also, the tertiary sector has increased the rate of employment.

France is a proud hub of excellence in Space Research and Development with focusing on a range of other emerging sectors since long. Jobs in the aeronautics industry have significantly shown growth by 20% and gross 5,000 jobs in the year 2013 alone. Health and Technology simultaneously with the Pharmaceutical industry produced a turnover of 50 billion Euros in the same year.

To much surprise, one in every ten people working in service sector, is an immigrant or a non EU citizen. Those who wish to work in France may consider the abovementioned sectors along with the Biotechnology and Stem Cells, Nuclear Energy, etc.

In spite of the unemployment rates soaring heights in past few years, the country has proved its potential continuously contributing to the growth of economy.

Students who complete their tenure of in top universities in France, apply for work visa to the French Government. With more and more students applying for work visa, the selection process has become more convenient and helpful for international students graduating from business and engineering schools in France.

Result of which, students are now eligible for a 5 year work permit in the country.

For this purpose, French and Indian Government have proposed a plan – “France-India Job Opportunities Network” to facilitate job opportunities for Indian students who have pursued higher study in France. The network has 9 major cities of India under the panel and aim to cover Lucknow and Dehradun as well to reach out to those students who are aspiring for French education.

The plan has positively affected work visa process. While it was challenging and troublesome earlier, it has become streamlined and less time consuming.

Under this plan, several steps have been taken –

  • The eligibility criteria of procuring a France work visa has been shortened
  • The Indian students studying France institutions can travel to Indian and back at a stretch of five years (if the study level is up to Master’s or PhD)
  • Easy and fast approval of France study visa by French embassies in India

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Sugandha Dhamija is an avid reader and also a long term writer for The Chopras, noted overseas education consultants in India. The Chopras provides study abroad & career counselling services to avid students preparing for higher education abroad.

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