What Future Holds for M-Learning in Higher Education

M-learning or mobile learning has been attracting many researchers who have been looking at its possibilities and limitations. Though mobile learning started in higher education institutes, it has still been showing a slow progress in this field. A vast majority of teachers and students are yet confined to traditional teaching and learning methodologies. In such a scenario, it is interesting to see what the future of mobile learning has in store for it.

Considering the opportunities existing for mobile learning, it can be understood that the development of technologies and gadgets can definitely support self-directed learning that is also interactive in nature. However, its current status indicates the requirement for adapting learning theories well and providing custom education solutions if mobile learning needs to be of higher quality. While it has a wide scope, it needs to integrate effectively with the current practices of teaching and learning. Many users do not support mobile learning, as it interferes with the current practices in higher education institutes.

On the other hand, there are supporters of mobile learning that have been making use of this technology for short-term projects and out-of-mainstream tasks. While mobile learning surely has the potential to give a new paradigm to education, there still are certain to-be-addressed issues regarding mobile learners and the measurement of their learning outcomes. There will also be a need to setup support systems for mobile learners so they may actually gain from the strengths of this technology.

Mobile learning has the capability to change the existing relationship between a teacher and a student. Thus, it is critical to assess how the management of education would take place in a mobile learning environment. To further support the entire process, students would also need effective mobile learning devices. To make it all sustainable in near future, it may take some more research on this technology, as well as a deep investigation into the arriving issues.

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