Ways to get ideas for an economics project

Students are often befuddled on how they can get ideas for an economics project. They need to overcome the struggle to not only get ideas for their project, but ideas that will impress the professors. What can they do to get new questions for their research work?

1. The students can attend a lot of seminars where they can listen to the talks of esteemed economists who have mastered the knowledge available in their chosen fields. But great economists not only master the existing knowledge, they also pose new questions. It is in these new questions that the students will find ideas for their research work.

2. Focus on one particular field of study. Economics is a vast discipline. There are numerous topics in this discipline. Many students read lots of literature and watch a lot of videos and allow themselves to get distracted by the vastness of the subject. It is best to focus on one idea or one aspect of research so that they will find unique questions that need to be answered.

3. Read old journals and new ones as well. There are certain areas of research that have been unexplored for a long time. The students can rekindle these topics and find ways to develop new questions that can be researched.

4. It is a good idea to step out of the social network of economists and meet outside people. You will be surprised what kind of economics issues concern the common man. It is in these issues that you will find the basis for your research project. The best part of such a project is that it will be relevant to the common man, and who knows where success in such a project could lead you in the future.

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