Top General Knowledge Topics That Could Make You Fail SSC If Not Studied Well

Current affairs play a crucial role in our lives. It holds a special importance in a student’s life who is preparing for SSC exams as it is a stepping stone. It is extremely beneficial if a person is aware of the current happenings. This not only helps at a professional but at a personal and academic level as well. General knowledge is an element of education that improves our mind power. A person who is well aware of the surroundings has the ability to understand and analyze a situation better than one without proper knowledge.

If you are preparing for SSC exams, the general awareness section usually doesn’t require many calculations. This means that one can complete this quickly with precise accuracy as it is less time-consuming. Let us first understand what topics to expect while you are preparing for SSC exams.

We can divide the section into four main topics, they are reasoning ability, English comprehension, general awareness and quantitative aptitude. The most important section of all is the quantitative aptitude as the weightage given to the statistic portions in terms of time consumed is much lower than any other. Some of the important areas are Algebra, trigonometry, geometry, profit and loss and ratio and percentage. Prepare smartly for this section as it helps a lot in achieving the overall cut off.

Always have a time limit while you are dealing with reasoning questions. The prior practice of the subject will help you understand the difficulty level and also the questions that will help you gain marks. The golden rule ‘Practice makes a man perfect’ is a faultless fit in this scenario. Some of the sub-topics are Venn diagram, direction, blood relations, series, verbal reasoning, puzzles, word formation, and classification.

Make sure that you attempt the English comprehension section very carefully as there are more chances of you losing marks here. Your basic grammar fundamentals should be clear. Some of the topics that have a higher significance of appearing in your paper are reading comprehension, spellings, sentence correction, one-word substitution, phrase or idiom meaning and error spotting.

Some topics cannot be mastered in a day. It is necessary that you spend time consistently to perform well in the general awareness section. If you are well prepared in advance for this you can score decent marks within the time span of 8-10 minutes. It is advisable that you start accumulating facts regarding various sub-topics. The easiest technique to crack it is read about science, social science and be aware of the recent happenings in your surroundings.

It is necessary to know that all the areas do carry equal weightage. Prepare all the topics in order to attempt maximum questions.

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