Some Tips on Completing Your PhD Faster

Every doctoral level student wants to complete his/her PhD degree in the minimum possible time. However, it takes extreme hard work and dedication to do that. Here are some tips that can actually help you to finish your PhD in a faster way.

Learn to write effective funding proposals

It is very helpful if you can write effective funding proposals while doing your PhD. Do not wait until you finish your PhD. There are several organizations that are only concerned with your ongoing PhD degree and are ready to support you through funding. If you have learnt to write good proposals, then it is easier to arrange for funds before you actually complete your degree.

Find a good mentor

A good mentor is not someone who always praises you for whatever you are doing. A good mentor is that individual who can provide critical feedback on your work and can also motivate you if you feel down. If you slow down, then your mentor should be able to help you cross your obstacles and make you move further. This mentor could be a PhD veteran or a former professor.

Take critical feedback positively

Do not be angry if someone gives you critical feedback on your work. You need to understand that nobody is perfect at the beginning. Additionally, they are providing a positive feedback to help you. There is nothing that they are going to gain out of your business. Thus, take their critical comments positively and start working on them as soon as possible.

Look for an appropriate dissertation chair

You may do this by talking to other students and getting some data on your professors. Check their tenure and PhD completion rates. You may also look at the time periods of PhD completion for students working under them. Compare your professors and find out the person who will act as a parent when required and guide you to finish your work in time.

Select a narrow research topic

It is always helpful to choose a narrow yet strong topic of research when you want to save your time. It is of no use to carry on with wider topics for years. You are not going to receive a special prize for that. Thus, select a narrow research design that would also be apt for publication.

Set a schedule

It is critical to be discipline if you want things to be done faster. Set up a schedule and follow it strictly at each step. Be accountable to yourself so that you would not delay things.

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