Social media becoming the new platform to express

Social media becoming the new platform to express

“Harambe wasn’t just a gorilla”

If you are not on the interwebs, then you might just not be reading this. Making my point moot. But as you go through the spheres of social media you realize that the first line was about our Lord and the savior Harambe. His death spread about like a wildfire. Bringing in memes, articles and moral outlooks of several celebrities. Going back about 10 years, no one would have given a damn.

Social media becoming the new platform to express

What made this news relevant, it was the social media and we the denizens of the interwebs that have our own little houses in the social media bubble.

Furthermore, several of us are artists. But gone are the days, when we went out with fliers for our show so that someone, somewhere might show up. Sites like facebook and youtube have opened an entire plethora of audience to the talented and the eccentric. This platform has become the center stage for the world.

Whether they are ideas, a flamboyant depiction of a new skill, just goofing around or captured moments, we can now share it with the world. With these expressions become known to the world the capital opportunists are coming up the certain job opportunities. Jobs that cater to these expressionists.

Though the sites that provide the platforms to the expressionists are many. Some prevail in this scenario more than the others. YouTube started out as a simple video sharing site but now has become a major investment not only for the artists but the entrepreneurs too. With videos ranging from comedy shorts, singing, dancing and movie clips to the intellectual proficient ones like tutorials regarding each and every sphere of life. With billions of videos in its collection, this site with a humble beginning have become a giant conglomerate that has pulled in several advertisers and employment opportunities.

Then there is facebook, with more than 1 billion active users at any given time. With a setting like Groups and pages, this site has provided a means to communicate with the like-minded people, organize meetups and bringing people together. With new video and live communication features, it introduced, several new ideas have popped up that weren’t given too much notice before.

The concept of microblogging can bring out sudden bursts of thoughts and golden ideas. Consequently, twitter has helped so many people making their voice, albeit totally useless and redundant times.

Social media has pulled being from all the walks of life together, be it to morn Harambe or to joyously observe that cat that looks to grumpy.

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