Sixteen tips to crack IIT JEE 2016


  1. Plan: Know what to study and how much
    • At Kaysons we provide you a complete day wise study plan for IIT JEE
  2. Routine: study at a fix time regularly
    • You can watch videos any time but make a routine and watch them at a fix time every day
  3. Get a Table and Chair not on bed or sofa
    • Watch the video while sitting on a proper chair and table
  4. Use headphone to watch the videos
    • Using a Head phone can increase your concentration by over 3 times.
  5. Avoid Junk food
    • Avoid eating while watching IIT video lectures.
  6. Use pen to write what you learn
    • Use pen to write what the teacher is explaining will help you retain longer
  7. Not long hours but full concentration
    • We have divided the videos for 30 min that is the maximum time you can concentrate.
  8. Watch the videos twice
    • Watch the videos twice or thrice will help you understand the topic better.
  9. Read want you learnt
    • Use our notes and memorise the formulae and derivations
  10. View Doubts asked by others
    • View Doubts asked by other students we have over 16000 doubts asked on our website.
  11. Ask your doubt
    • If you have doubts ask them on our website.
  12. Practice questions
    • Practice questions at Give assignment.
  13. Practice till you are confident
    • Continue giving assignments till you do not get above 75% marks.
  14. Give test after each chapter is over
    • Test will help you revise as well
  1. Parents: Mention your progress to parents it help you remove pressure
  2. All work no play makes Jack a dull boy: play any outdoor sports for atleast 2 hours. Help remove distraction energy which forces you to daydream

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