Six Tips to Support Your Immune System

Your immune system does a remarkable job by keeping infectious diseases at bay. However, you should also make efforts to give it a boost to prevent yourself from going down with diseases. Poor air quality and a surge in bacteria and virus are gradually slowing down your immune system, but you can keep it healthy by changing your habits.

Workout to Produce T-Cells

You must be knowing that exercise helps keep your body stronger, but fewer of you will be aware of how it supports your immune system. T-cells are the subtype of white cells that ward off virus and bacteria attack. With increase in age, T-cells start declining that make the immune system weaker. However, studies have found that aged people, exercising regularly, can produce as many T-cells as young adults.

Sleep Properly

Insomnia or sleep disorder is one of the important reasons for weaker immunity. Researchers suggest that people who sleep less than six hours may have a weak immune system than those who sleep enough up to eight hours.

Shift to a healthy diet

Excessive indulgence on processed food cause nutrients deficiency. You should have a low-fat and high-fibre diet with the abundant amount of green vegetables. Add probiotics to your diet. It will promote good bacteria and kill harmful bacteria in your gut. When you feel starving at a time other than mealtime, you should have fruits instead of processed foods. Add citrus fruits in your fruit that are high in vitamin C. This vitamin acts as an antioxidant that helps in increasing the production of white cells.

Don’t Smoke and Moderate Your Drink

According to experts, smokers are more prone to infectious diseases and inflammation. The susceptibility boils down to nicotine that wreaks havoc on white cells. Similarly, excess drinking undermines the ability of the immune system to combat diseases. Researchers have stated that four to five shots of vodka can destroy a few white blood cells.

Sun Basking

Many people suffer from vitamin D deficiency as a handful of food items provide vitamin D. This vitamin is crucial for bones health as it helps in absorption of calcium. Sunshine is a great source to get enough vitamin D. Vitamin D helps prevent the autoimmune responses.

Healthy Tea

Drink green tea or herbal tea that has more powerful effect in defending the immune system from virus than other placebo hot drinks. Green tea contains antioxidants and polyphenols that combat free radicals and improve immunity.

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