Managing Stress When You Prepare for an Examination

Exam stress can start when you feel you can’t cope with revision, or feel pressure from your school or family. You might worry you’re going to fail or you won’t get the grades you need for the course or job you want. It can seem scary to talk about stress and anxiety. You might feel like nobody else is feeling this way. But trying to deal with it on your own can often make the stress worse. So, it can really help to talk.  

When we feel anxious, we often give ourselves negative messages like:’ I  can’t do this’, I’m useless’ and ‘I’m going to fail’. It can be difficult but try to replace these with positive thoughts such as:  ‘this is just anxiety, it can’t harm me’ and, ‘relax, concentrate – it’s going to be okay’.

Exam stress affects most students in varying ways. It is important to manage this stress and find little ways of helping to eliminate the risk of burnout.

For some students, exams can be a breeze; revision is second nature to them and they could ace an exam with their eyes closed. But for others, it seems that nothing is more impossible than sitting down and revising. Here are some handy tips that can help to dissipate stress and make sure you can get through exam season.

  1. Take regular breaks and schedule in fun things to look forward to
  2. Don’t (always) listen to others    
  3. Exercise and get outdoors    
  4. Speak to someone
  5. Use online test series & mock tests for the smart study

You might have been predicted certain grades or put into a higher set, and feel if you don’t get the grade you’ll let your teachers or parents down. Remember, exams are important – but they’re not the only way to a  successful future. Lots of people achieve success in life without doing well in school exams.

You can also release your exam stress by a simple and very practical step is to develop a plan of action by preparing well and organising your time and workloads. This will help address that “out-of-control feeling”. Exam stress affects you more when you are not well prepared for the exam  In such situation, you need to encourage yourself by thinking that one day or two day is also enough for the preparation. Think! If you utilize this time in a good way It can ensure your success. To relieve your exam stress you should also be optimistic about your exam. It means to think about success in your exam. Most of the students ask with their mates about their preparation, sometimes it results in an unpleasant experience when you get to know that your mates have prepared a lot of things for the exam. If you come to know that you have made too little preparation for your exam, It will come to your fear of not completing your preparation on time. Think that without taking a start you can’t do anything. At last, it is better to relax or refresh yourself to relieve your stress by playing games, Listening music, Make some fun.

Forget all exam stress and make a start.

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