Life after post-graduation

If you are a post-graduate, fresh out of college, chances are that you may be at a juncture in life where you are simply tired of studying and making researches and are waiting to start the next chapter of life. Here you will learn about all that you are likely to go through after you finish your post-graduation.the-next-step-college-graduate

The Job: While you may be completely done and over with college life, you will feel like a freshman all over again at your new job. You will learn to handle the strings of a new job which may be very different from what you envisaged while you were still studying.

The emptiness: For the first few months, you may wake up in the middle of the night and break out into a sweat for no reason only to realize later that you are experiencing the withdrawal symptoms of not having to do a research.

The social life: You will start to meet people again and will come to know that so many of your cousins and distant relatives reproduced while you were busy making research studies and notes. Your life will start to look colourful again with all the catching on with good times.

The value: People will start seeing you with a new found respect, you will be an achiever in their eyes because all your hard work paid off and you cleared your attempt at post-graduation.

The time: You will have time and will not know what to do when you will stay awake late during the night, as you may have gotten accustomed to working through dawn to dawn during your post-graduation years.

Post-graduation seems like a colossal part of life, but the truth is the hard work and perseverance you show today will be majorly instrumental in giving you a happy life after post-graduation.

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  1. Seriously… This is what life is all about after post graduation. Your thoughts are the reality which I loved to read.

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