Let your dissertation be your our own baby!

Submission of PhD dissertation is one thing that may leave you sleepless for many days. A high level stress can make you ill and hence you need to take right steps on right time to make your submission on time. A high level quality has to be maintained simultaneously.


As there are many sources available these days to get the content, one should always try to avoid plagiarism. The first and the foremost point to be remembered is that originality has to be maintained no matter what you write or document. And in terms of PhD dissertation, this becomes all the more mandatory. Let’s read a few ready-to-refer points which help in achieving 100% originality.

Never forget to credit your reference sources:  If you have referred to any content source and have picked a quote, you should remember giving due credit to its original author. The quoted material should be genuinely highlighted. You need to make sure that you cite the source within the text. It should always be mentioned in your references whenever you cite any study anywhere in your dissertation.

Use the right citation/referencing style: Always use right professional style of citation of external sources. Your academic institution can suggest you on dissertation writing guidelines. You need to pick up the recommended professional style guide or manual to ensure that you follow it thoroughly for proper referencing styles.

Take your own thoughts and words on top: Try to take your own ideas, thoughts and words on top. Your ideas and thoughts in your dissertation should always be presented in your own language. If you want to add some quotes to it, it is always better to supporting them with paraphrased text and quotations. Presenting your arguments in your own words is the most suitable way to make your work look original and genuine.

Avoid plagiarism: Avoid plagiarism in your work. Always conduct a plagiarism check using any available plagiarism detection tool. If there is any per cent of plagiarism in dissertation, rework on it immediately to eliminate it from the required places.

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