Know more about educational technology

There are different meanings attributed for the term “mobile learning” or m-learning in different scenarios like distance education, educational technology, etc. In fact, m-learning involves learning carried out using mobile devices.
The term ‘educational technology’ refers to the practice of making the process of learning smooth and easy by means of various technological resources and processes. In fact, educational technology comprises of different kinds of hardware, software, Internet applications, etc. Further, it is simply defined as a set of tools which helps the students to continue with advanced learning. Technology not only refers to material objects including hardware and machines, but it also includes different organization methods, systems, techniques, and so on.

There are many benefits for using technology in the educational field. Today’s students are born and brought up in a digital atmosphere and think differently owing to this fact. Some of the advantages of including technology in classrooms are:

1. Motivation of students

According to various studies, the students tend to learn more within a short time if they receive instruction based on computers. In other words, the students get motivated towards learning if they become interested in the topic, which could be further enhanced by means of incorporating various technologies.

2. Easily accessible courseware

The instructors are able to post any important details or course materials in the website concerned. This means that the students can get the study materials quickly at any preferred location and time.

3. Wide participation

The course materials can be accessed by a wider audience and used for distant learning.

4. Improvement in student writing

The students are able to edit the already written material in word processors which help to improve their writing quality.

To summarize, educational technology is widely used today owing to the innumerable benefits offered by it.

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