Interested in Teaching English for Adults Professionally? Celta Course is the Answer!

Interested in Teaching English for Adults Professionally? Celta Course is the Answer!

What Is CELTA?

CELTA is a Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults; the certification is required by anyone who wants to become a teacher of English for adults. Whether it is teaching basic English or teaching English as a Second Language or teaching the language to speakers of other languages — anyone who wants to teach adults needs to get CELTA certification before they are considered qualified to teach the English language. CELTA certification is internationally recognized but normally people who train for CELTA certification do not intend to travel outside the country in which they are trained to teach. Many people who intend to travel abroad like to acquire a CELTA certificate because it boosts their credentials and their earning potential. Anyone who has never worked with adult learners can benefit from taking the CELTA courses.

The nitty-gritty of CELTA Courses

  1. CELTA courses can be taken either as a full-time or part-time job.Full-time CELTA courses run for about four weeks and are extremely intensive. People taking full-time course should not plan on working or doing anything besides concentrating on the preparation for the exam during that time.If taken on a part-time basis, the course can take several months. 
  2. At the end of the CELTA course, the person is tested and if found suitable, he/she is awarded the CELTA certificate. CELTA courses are designed to teach people how to teach. 
  3. Anyone who has an interest in teaching English but has never taught adults or worked in an adult-learning environment needs to take the CELTA courses in order to have an understanding of the way that adults learn. 
  4. Adults and children learn differently, especially when it comes to languages. Also, CELTA courses are designed to teach ESL or TESOL teachers how to work with the unique strengths and weaknesses of adult learners to make sure the learning process goes smoothly.

CELTA Information

 Full information about CELTA courses, information on books, assignments, costs, local course centers, lesson plans, cheap courses and any other information about the certification can be found online on the official CELTA website Anyone considering teaching English as a second language or teaching English abroad should go over the CELTA website and look at all the information the CELTA website has featured about teaching English. The CELTA website can help people decide whether teaching English to adults is a career path that they want to pursue. Teaching adults is not right for everyone, but it can be very rewarding for the right people.


In order to successfully complete a CELTA certification course, you will need to complete six hours of teaching English to students with supervision. For the most part, the grade that you receive will be based on how well you do while teaching, but you are also scored by the CELTA assignments and other such activities that you will need to complete during the course. The course is based on a pass-or-fail grading system. So, take your time, do your best and you can successfully complete a CELTA course.

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