Importance of sports in education

Learning does not just mean reading some books or just about remembering something. Learning also includes learning sports and games which play an important role in the life not just in body fitness but also in education. Playing games helps in strengthening the tender bones of kids and their by helps in building a perfect body and fitness. Recent surveys have proven that spending good time on sports and games also helps in strengthening the brain and also plays a crucial role on education and results. But today’s schools hardly have enough space for the building and expecting big play grounds open space is a big miracle. But parents must insist schools on having a play ground and big open space for kids to play and spend some time in grounds. Parents must give equal importance to both education and sports and help kids in recognizing their talents and encouraging them to push them on to the global stage. Students who participate in sports also excel in studies thereby balancing their career and fitness. Government must encourage and make it mandatory for schools to have a session or class every day specially set for sports.

Be it indoor games or outdoor games both will have a significant impact on student’s fitness and career. Equal importance must also be given for indoor games like chess or others which have a huge impact on brain functioning. Games like chess increases the brain functioning and helps in taking rapid decisions. These kinds of indoor games are very essential for children which make their brains sharp and helps them taking up challenges. Schools must provide separate space for indoor games. A special space for games like table tennis, shuttle etc where students can spend peaceful time. But these days children are spending more time on video games and getting addicted to them which makes them mentally affected. These video games have been really affecting students career which are making students psychologically ill. Even in schools students discuss about video games rather than going out into grounds and playing physically. Parents must recognize this and discourage children from playing video games and encourage them to play more physical game which keeps them fit and healthy. Also the use of computers and social networking sites have affected kids enthusiasm to play physical sports and parents and teachers must check this and encourage students to play games every day.

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