Ideate, innovate to excel!

Wanna stand out among the group? Trying to ideate and think different for your economics project? But still clueless how to do it? Worry not! You are not the only one! There are many students who are often befuddled on how to get ideas for their economics project. The challenge is not to get new ideas but to impress the professors. Here are a few tips which the students can follow to get new questions for their research work:

1. Attend seminars: The students should attend seminars where they can listen to the discussions of renowned economists. These are the people who have mastered the skills in their chosen fields. These people also pose new questions which the students can use to find ideas for their research work.

2. Focus: Focus on your aims and objectives. Try to put all your energy on one particular field of study. Economics is vast and has many topics in it. However, it is best to focus on one idea or one aspect of research. This will ensure that the student finds unique questions that need to be answered.

3. Avoid distraction: There are many students who read lot of literature and watch videos. This allows them to get distracted by the vastness of the subject. So he/she should not flow with diverse ideas but stick to one subject.

4. Read, read and read: A student should read old as well as new journals. There are many research areas which are left unexplored. The students should try to study these topics and explore ways to develop new questions that can be researched.

5. Keep in touch with common man: Try to come out of the social network of economists and meet other people. The kind of economics issues discussed by the common man will leave you surprised. These issues will give you the basis for your research project.

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