How to Prepare Reasoning for RBB Exam

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Reasoning is important as well as a scoring section that is a part of all competitive exams, and RBB is no exception. This section covers lots of topics. However, all topics are not covered in RBB exam. If you use right strategy, you can crack the exam and get a job in the railway department. Below are some topic-wise tips that can be benign for you to prepare effectively.

RRB coaching in BangaloreAnalogy

Analogy is one of the high-weightage topics. Practise this as much as you can. The more you practice, the more you sharpen your skills. Practise questions based on series, squares and cubes. To solve numbers related questions, remember the corresponding numbers of alphabets in reverse order as well as sequential order.


To hone skills in this topic, you should practise previous years’ questions papers. If you join an RRB coaching in Bangalore, you will be provided with lots of mock tests that you can attempt to practise question like finding odd number out, facts based questions, words based questions etc.

Coding Decoding

Coding decoding is also a high-weightage topic. You need enough study material to get a command of this topic. Practise coding and decoding on new and old pattern. Do remember the position of letters in reverse as well as sequential order.

Word Formation

Word formation is very scoring, but you lose it because you answer precipitously. Take enough time before answering. With enough practice, you can get this topic in your grip. You should take time to correct spellings that you can use to find antonyms, synonyms and questions related to consonant and vowels. A railway exam coaching in Bangalore can help you with this topic by providing good practice material.

Other Topics

Directions and distances, blood relations, missing number, puzzles, series and non-verbal reasoning are some topics which you can practise through previous years’ papers and mock tests. If you join an RRB coaching in Bangalore, you can get lots of practice material for your studies.

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