How to Prepare for Technical Interview and Clear it Like a Pro?

How to Prepare for Technical Interview and Clear it Like a Pro?

As every company has a different way of interviewing its aspirants, you need to be prepared for all the possible scenarios. Smaller companies have less sophisticated interview structure, whereas bigger companies have multiple and complex rounds. If you are aspiring to build your career in a technical domain, then you should ensure that you have the strong technical knowledge to clear the technical round.

While some may not find interviews nerve-wracking, the same may not be in the case of others.

Especially when you come across standard questions that include your technical skills,  knowledge of project management systems, and many more leaving you lost feeling while answering the interview questions. Sounds like you? Go through the checklist and prepare yourself for the upcoming interview and build your career in the technical domain.

  1. Be thorough with the fundamentalsThe first step in the preparation is to lock in the fundamentals. A technical interview covers various aspects including coding, data structures, systems design, algorithms, big O notation, etc. Either go through your course work or reference books that are meant for technical interviews. Also, go through the previous batch question (if available) of the company you are aiming to provide one, then have a look at it.
  2. Be familiar with the format of the question paperIf you have been provided with the interview pattern material then review it closely. Also, check if the company has interview preparation information on its website. If you are not aware of the format, ask the recruiter. Normally questions range from the fundamentals to higher-level principles. Some questions will be based on your experience such as, did you develop an app/website, etc. Some companies may also include brain teaser questions.
  3. PracticeMost interviewers expect you to explain your thought process while working through a problem. This gives them deep insight into your problem-solving skills and ability to work under pressure. Hence, it is necessary to prepare yourself for such a situation. You can practice by asking your friend to act as your mock interviewer and try answering the questions in front of her/him. Get involved in competitive programming that makes open-source contributions. Also, be thorough with the technical projects listed on your resume.
  4. Prepare for the traditional round as wellDon’t be too much concerned only about the technical round. Interviewers will also ask a few basic behavioral questions such as, ‘tell me something about yourself,’ ‘why do you want to join our team,’ etc.

Tip: Although you have prepared well, but have committed a mistake during the interview, do not let it have an impact on you during the rest of the interview.

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