Planning to go to the United States for further studies? Here’s how you can get ready for the SAT

Are you going to the United States for further studies? You must prepare yourself for SAT. The Scholastic Aptitude Test will take you to your aspired wings for pursuing your education in a foreign university. It is an essential undergraduate test widely accepted all over the world.

Are you ready to compete with the rest of the intelligent students?

SAT will answer it. The major colleges, as well as the universities scattered all over the USA, chooses SAT to select deserved students minutely.

An embed video for the redesigned SAT:

How to achieve top grades so that prestigious universities won’t think twice to select you as one of their deserving students?

We will gradually move towards the definite answers to these questions. But, first, let us get accustomed to the pattern of the SAT exam:

Section Score Approximate No. of questions
Writing 800 49
Mathematics 800 54
Critical Reading 800 67

The complete test duration is 3 hours and 50 minutes.

The best tips for you to crack SAT:

Know something about the Writing Part:

There are two tasks to complete: Essay and Multiple-Choice Questions.

You will get a relevant essay topic to write.

The multiple-choice part involves sentence corrections where you have the freedom to choose the correct answer from the provided choices.

  1. Get your grammar right

It is an absolute necessity to use perfect grammar in the paper. The multiple-choice section will mainly check your proficiency in grammar. There is no mercy in any grammatical error. Your Wren and Martin Grammar book can be your best friend during the preparation time. Go online for more aptitude tests and improve your vocabulary along with it.

  1. Read as many sources as you can

Many students face problems in reading due to the lack of books or motivation and guidance. Teach yourself. Read whatever crosses your path.

Embed video on self-study:

  1. Keep yourself updated

Do you know the tricks used by the topper in the matter of essay writing?

They are always packed with all the recent happenings going in the world. The X factor lies in the addition of the latest facts and incidents in your essay that will make it unique.

  1. Keep a tutor if possible

Coaching centers are going with the current flow of SAT and other international examinations. Sometimes, you can stumble while learning something. You need to clarify the unsolved questions that will further your progress towards SAT. Individual tuition centers aim to bring the best out of the students by providing them the needed training by thoroughly experienced professors. If your pocket permits, you can give it a try.

  1. Group studies

It has the benefit of turning the long stretched boring sessions fun and exciting. Your fellow peers will be studying together with you. You can discuss a topic among yourselves. Ask questions and provide answers to each other. The most noteworthy part is that you can teach each other what you have already learned. This procedure will make you understand the subjects to the fullest, and you can memorize the whole lesson by repeating your studies in the form of teaching.

  1. Online Study

I am providing you one of the best-suggested courses – College Board’s ‘The Official SAT Online Course (TM).‘ You will get excellent study materials containing features like computer generated score, interactive learning, detailed clarification of answers, and individual feedback for the improvement of each student. There are several online discussions forums that involve many candidates who have already given the concerned exam.

You can purchase The Official SAT Study Guide (2018 Edition) online and get set go for the Exam.

  1. Sample papers

More practice will take you towards perfection. Utilize the SAT SAMPLE PAPER regularly.

Presenting you the link where you can get the needed sample paper:-

Do not neglect the critical reading part. Analyze your choice of answer minutely. Look for similar words. Shun all the mismatched choices and get the right answer.

  1. Get your calculations correct

Make sure that your concepts are clear. Execute more. Try the math sample papers you get online and offline. As the exam is for college admission, it will contain problems freshly from high school. Keep your last few books handy. Remember the rules of mathematics. Go through the geometry part repeatedly as questions from geometrical theory applications may come.

An embed video:

Some extra magic tricks exclusively for you:

  • Time– Do not waste time on unknown answers. Provide adequate time for each question so that you can attempt all. Read the question paper first. Answer the known ones first. Then try the rest.
  • There is nothing called ‘last-minute preparation.’ Never leave anything for the final time. Divide your dates and timings properly.
  • Have some ‘self-time.’ Going to sit for SAT doesn’t mean you will forget the world and drown in your study books. Don’t be a dull person. Give some relaxation to yourself by playing games, watching movies or talking to friends.
  • Take your mistakes seriously. Don’t leave until you make them correct.

An overview of SAT in the embed video:-

Your aim must be scoring above 2100 to get into the reputed colleges of the USA. Give 100% effort. Don’t stress yourself by thinking about sky high fantasies. Stick to the basics. Follow the suggestions as mentioned earlier for making your dream comes real.

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