How to Prepare for IIT JEE Exam

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Millions of students take an IIT JEE exam every year, but in spite of busting a gut, they fail to pass the exam. The reason is not preparing with right strategies. The course has a tediously lengthy syllabus, and you have to prepare all topics because you don’t know which topic might be asked in the exam. If you want to pass the exam in one attempt, you should make strategies for preparation. Here are some tips that can help you.

Manage Time

Don’t fritter away your preparation time if you really want to achieve your goal. Make a schedule and quickly cover important and difficult topics. To make the most of your time, you should be away from distractions such as friends, movies and recreation. Friends and relatives are always around you, but if you don’t learn to say them “NO” ceremoniously, You will spoil important two years of your life that you would never retrieve.

Make a schedule. Jot down the priorities like meal time, seminars and classes to know how much time is left with you for self-studies. Allocate that time to every subject. Set a time duration for every chapter and try to finish it within the deadlines. Take out some time for revision of chapters and formulas too.

Know the Syllabus

Preparing without knowing the exam pattern is useless. The best IIT JEE online coaching will let you know the exam pattern that is crucial to know to cover those topics first that are always asked in the exam. Solve ample problems to have a strong grip on concepts.

Join the Best IIT JEE Online Coaching

Coaching is a must for IIT JEE exam as you will get enough study material for preparation. You can learn at your own pace without wasting your time travelling. Individual attention will be paid to you, and your problems will be solved immediately.

Another advantage of IIT JEE online coaching is you will be up on about the weightage of each topic. First important and high weightage topics will be covered and then those that are sporadically asked. An institute will also provide you with mock tests to analyse your level.

Solve Previous Years’ Papers

Questions repeat in IIT JEE exam. Solve previous papers’ questions as much as you can. This will help you have an insight into your level. You will know about which topics are still not in your grip that needs to be revised. The best IIT JEE online coaching can provide you with previous years’ question papers.

Follow these tips to prepare for IIT JEE exam. However, remember that health is also vital. Don’t compromise with nutritious food and sleeping hours.

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