How to Cope with Academic Stress

Students life don’t include lots of responsibilities and hence considered stress free, but according to a survey, most of the students are living a stressful life. It might be due to parents and teachers higher expectations, your own desire to perform as a stellar to get the admission in a renowned university or a combination of these two. Academic pressure can get the better of you if you don’t learn the ways to cope with it.

Sleep properly

Don’t you feel that your mind has stopped working when you constantly keep studying without breaks? Your brain also gets exhausted and it needs rest. Sleep is the best medicine to digest the pressure that you go through the whole day. Proper sleep can increase your productivity. Don’t squander your energy on social media sites in your free time. It will not relax your mind, instead, elevate your stress level.

Try to switch to positive thinking

Stress usually rises when you have stressful thoughts. When you start worrying about not finishing your project within deadlines, your mind starts believing that you won’t be able to finish your project. This negative thinking might be paralysing. If you missed any deadline, you should try to learn from your mistake. Analyse what caused you to miss the deadline, and improve your planning strategies for your next projects.

Drop your higher expectations

Dropping your higher expectations doesn’t mean that you are being encouraged to be a slacker. You need to shift your goals’ angle. Instead of targeting higher grades, you should set a goal to feel satisfied with your performance.

Don’t panic during exams

No matter how sharp concentration you have, you can’t sustain constant focus on an activity. Short breaks are important to refresh mind and body. During your breaks, you should do some fun activities to get relaxed. If you don’t have fun activities to do, nod off. A power nap can shake off your stress completely.

Balanced diet

Most of the students run on empty during exams, but this exacerbates stress level. Studying with an empty stomach will make you teed off, and you will end up with nothing but frustration. Don’t compromise with your diet. Eat healthy food whenever you are hungry.


Sitting for 10 minutes a day for meditation can help you trounce your stress. In fact, good breathing techniques can also help you stay relaxed by supplying oxygen to beat the stress.

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