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There are a number of m-learning technologies like MP3 players, handheld computers, mobile phones, notebooks, tablets, etc. Further, m-learning focuses mainly on the flexibility of the learner when he interacts with technologies that are portable as well as see how the society and the related institutions can both accept and support the increase in the number of mobile population. In m-learning, sharing content can be done instantly, thus resulting in the reception of tips and feedbacks instantly.

The teachers who have made use of m-learning techniques strongly support this kind of learning. They have the opinion that any new technology should be introduced in the classroom. The devices used in m-learning are lighter in weight when compared to PCs and books. For students who have special needs, m-learning can be quite useful as an add-on tool.

There are different benefits to m-learning. Some of these include:

  • There are many options in m-learning that facilitate the creation and delivery of multimedia content
  • In-expensive opportunities owing to the cheaper price of the mobile devices
  • Reduction in the cost of learning.

However, many challenges also exist in m-learning. These include the battery life and connectivity, the key size and screen size, the restriction of specific devices to support a given number of file formats, and so on.

In short, though m-learning has its set of advantages and disadvantages, there are many takers for it.

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