Education and Leveraging the Power of the Social Media

For many students the social media is seen as a vehicle for staying in touch with friends and passing the time. But recent surveys have shown that the social media is being increasingly used by educators for teaching and training. Since the young generation spends so much of their time on the social media some tech savvy educators have decided that it is the best medium to reach out to them. Studies have also shown that the use of social media by educators is growing year on year.

The development of new methods of teaching and training is one of the reasons why the social media has grown so popular among educators. Many educators have come to the conclusion that interactive and unique methods of learning are the best way of reaching out to their wards. It helps the students to absorb the material and remember what they have learnt.

There are many social media tools on the Internet that educators can use for their profession. Some of these are blogs, wikis, podcasts, Twitter and LinkedIn. There are educators who have created their own blogs on the Internet. They upload written content and videos on their sites. YouTube is another popular site on which many educational videos are being posted.

However, there are also educators, students and parents who are concerned about the increasing use of social media in this field. Their concerns range from the integrity of student submissions to concerns regarding privacy. Academic communities agree that these are challenges that they face. On some sites it is possible to manage memberships and user accounts. The owner of the site can decide who should view the content and who should not. But this is not always possible. But everyone agrees that the use of social media in education is only going to grow.

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