Different techniques of creative teaching

It takes a lot of effort to implement creative teaching in classes. For this purpose, the creative instructors must be well-versed in their fields and also must know how to develop a suitable learning environment.

There are certain general techniques employed in creative teaching.

Assumption Busting

An assumption refers to an assumed and unquestioned truth. This technique is particularly useful when one is left with no ideas or is stuck in the existing thinking models. The benefit of this technique is that when the student tries to seek out and addresses the assumptions, it aids creative thinking.

Concept Mapping

Concept maps denote knowledge in the form of graphics. The advantage of concept mapping is that it helps in designing complicated structures and generating new ideas. The complex ideas can also be communicated well using this technique.


This tool helps to generate creative solutions as far as a problem is concerned by means of a process of lateral thinking in which the students are supposed to create new ideas which may seem quite shocking at the first instance. The participants can change and update these ideas to useful ones later on. This technique helps to define as well as diagnose an issue, the possible solutions, and also the resistance pertaining to the recommended solutions.


In many of the role-playing activities, the student assumes the role of the person who is affected by an event or an issue, and studies the problem from his perspective.

To sum it up, the creative learning techniques listed above certainly help the students to think independently rather than get stuck in the conventional mode of learning.

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