A Step by Step Guide For Beginners To Become An Event Planner

A Step by Step Guide For Beginners To Become An Event Planner

Event planning is considered to be one of the most promising career choices in the current scenario. Given the demand for event planners, it is predicted that the scope of event management will continue to increase in the future. This is because clients are always looking for creative people to manage their events innovatively.

There are several event management courses in India, in which you can enroll yourself. And once you graduate in event management, you will come out as an event planner. 

Becoming an event planner can be broken down into some necessary steps.

1) You need to understand several branches of event planning 

There are several branches of event management. You need to decide what kind of event planner you wish to become. Only then you can focus on your career. This will be your areas of specialization within the field. There are three major branches of event planning – corporate, non-profit, and social event planning. You can choose one according to your preferences and interests. While thinking about your interests is a good thing, you should also take remuneration and work-life balance into account. If you think you’d like to spend time away from the office and indulge yourself among people, you should go for social event planning. Social events will include weddings, birthdays, and other family and social gatherings. For this, you could also join any wedding planner institute in India. On the other hand, if you think you can work better in an office environment, you should work as a corporate event planner. In this, you will be actively engaged with a corporate organization in planning all their events and meetings. 

2) You need to understand an event planner’s duties

An event planner is expected to be multitasking at one time. He is supposed to be super active at work so that he doesn’t miss out on something important. An event planner’s duties are generally divided into three broad categories – tasks before, during, and after the event. Before the event happens, it is his responsibility to coordinate with the entire team involved in organizing the event. He will also be required to collaborate with the clients so that he can understand the dynamics involved in the event. 

An event planner’s responsibilities go into the event where he needs to work to make his clients and their guests happy. And if things do not turn out as planned, it is his responsibility to adapt and fix the shortcomings. But wait, his duties do not end here. Post-event calculations and surveys play an equally important role in an event planner’s life. 

3) You need to train yourself

After understanding the aspects mentioned above, it is essential that you prepare yourself for the task at hand. This means that you should gain practical knowledge of event planning by pursuing internships. 

After completing your diploma in event management and learning the necessary skills in the event management training courses in Delhi, you should build a portfolio for yourself that will land you a reputed job.



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