5 Times You Nearly Killed Your Colleague: Dealing with Annoying Co-workers!

‘They said life would never be the same once you start working. Well, now that I’ve started sitting on a chair and pretending to be the nicest guy around, it has been true to quite an extent.’

coworkerThis share comes from Paul, who has been working with a reputable finance firm for quite a while now. He loves his job, bears all expenses and foresees promising career with the company. Then why is it that we’re talking about him right now?

Well, the reason might seem petty, but has taken a lot from most of us in the corporate arena. For instance, he hates it every time his colleague- John spills coffee on the table or that moment when Stacey howls out her jokes, right on his head. I’m sure it rings a bell somewhere.

Here are a set of annoying habits that you wish to avert at the workplace. Drop a good number of glances, as you might just find the hack that seemed impossible earlier.

Incessant Interruptions

Well, looking carefully into the issue, you’ll definitely find it irritating. For instance, you are trying to have a word with your co-worker and this person somehow finds a way to butt in, every time. You ignore it once, twice, thrice and to the extent that it all piles up inside, for you to snap at him anytime in the future.

Obviously, you feel startled at any moment a person starts answering your questions to other people. Though it’s your workplace, but it becomes really difficult to have any kind of business communication in the office.

What do you do?

It’s more of a diplomatic yet firm stand you need to take over here. Take the issue head-on and be clear about the fact that a little privacy is expected. If he doesn’t back off, repeat the same in a polite yet firm way.

Drama-Drama Everywhere!

In every company on this globe, for sure you’ll find people who enjoy the spotlight, to an extent that they even enjoy being the butt of all jokes. You know these kind of people, the ones who’ll always brag about their workload being the maximum, the boss valuing their opinion and having contacts inside the management. With all those wrath-laden rants, even the Monks in monasteries would feel annoyed, a worker in an MNC left aside.

However, the hack here lies in refusing to be ‘all ears’ the moment any drama begins. The instance you stop feeding the beast with what it loves the best-attention, the meaningless drama will take a halt on its own.

Mr. Know it All Attitude

Of course, this is a learning phase in your life and you look forward to see more opportunities that help you to grow. But, there’s always that one person who is best at giving unwanted advices. Right from the kind of attire you should pick, to the way you should make your work reports, things just keep on coming.

The only solution to such a situation is to let it slowly roll of your back. Instead of being plain and simply rude, start ignoring this person. You can also comfort yourself with the fact that it isn’t only you who finds him obnoxious.

‘The World is A Sad-Sad Place’ Attitude

Just when you think that things are beginning to get better, John sitting right next to your cubicle comes whining about how the company can never succeed. Even sharing a good piece of news doesn’t work, for he will always come with a pessimistic reaction that demotivates you as well.

Well, tackling this situation needs some feedback coming from your end. Find some time to let the person know how his behavior has been affecting the team negatively. You can come up as a supportive team mate by pointing it out gently.

It’s really very easy to get annoyed and snap at a moment’s gap. But, dealing in a mature yet effective way is what that’s expected from you. Take a deep breath and think upon it, carefully!

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Anshuman Kukreti is a professional writer and a keen follower of the global job market. An engineer by qualification and an artist at heart, he writes on various topics related to employment across the globe. Reach him @ LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+.

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