When my parents decided for me to be an IITian

Looking back at the days when I was a submissive child and follow the lead of my parents, I feel so happy that they decided to push me to be a part of India’s most prestigious engineering institute. Apart from being India’s honourable institute, Indian Institute of Technology is a world-class institute and being a small-towner I have never stepped out of my comfort zone to be with the students of metropolitan cities.

Entering the Indian Institute of Technology in Delhi with sweaty palms and my parents by my side, I felt like entering a completely different place altogether. I had always imagined the students of IIT to be involved in books 24*7. However, IITians were nothing like that. Coming from a different city, I had to live in the hostel for my college life and let me be honest here; my IIT hostel life was terrific.

When I moved out of the Indian Institute of Technology after four years of fun and pressure, I was a completely changed person. The friends I made there brought the best out of me and motivated me to not live like a submissive person, which I was, and I still am yet I choose to decide for myself now.  As I said earlier, my parents decided for me to be a part of IIT Delhi and they made me choose engineering as a profession. Before being an IITian, I had never made a huge decision in my life. I always used to follow the lead of my friends, my parents, and other people who used to tell me what to do. I used to fear to make wrong decisions for myself, yet now I know that there are no wrong or right choices. It’s all in our head and how we walk on with that decision.

When I had nobody to decide for me in the hostel or in the huge city where everybody is busy with their own lives, I had to make choices for myself. The nightlife, the fest life, and the pressure of exams & submissions played a huge role in evolving me as a self-dependent person. I wasn’t happy when my parents decided to send me away, but I realise now that it was the best decision I ever followed in my life.

Although my friends cracked the entrance exam through IIT JEE coaching in Delhi, I kept my nose to the grindstone to live my parent’s dream. IIT JEE coaching in Delhi is an excellent medium to study if you can not manage time for yourself.

Today I am an engineer who works in the automobile industry, but as it is said, the journey of being one was more beautiful than the destination itself.

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