Top 5 Money Making Courses in Post Graduate

Well! Money is something that is much loved by all and is one of the most fascinating factors at the rear of doing any professional course. Although it is tough to get enrolled into the professional and smart courses in post graduate, but once your name is put down in these courses they not only add an inventive outlook in your career but also load your pocket with handsome package. So, let’s have some idea of the top 5 money making courses in post graduate that can enthrall you the most –money

  1. Master’s in Business administration – According to the study based on Investopedia, MBA’s score highest in the terms of earnings. Although being flexible in grossing bucks yet an average salary of an MBA varies from $ 105,000 to $ 1,352,000 for a management employee to a CEO respectively.
  2. Medicines – White collars of medical scores second highest and are one of the pioneering careers. With the increasing population and their diseases demands of doctors are equally escalating. Thus, it would be exciting enough to pursue a postgraduate course in medicine and hold a doctor tag with not less than $ 180,000 to $ 1,000,000 annual salary.
  3. Engineering – Engineering covers varied streams and their prospective scopes ranks third in the list of beneficial courses. May it be chemical, electronic, aerospace or computer engineering is equally demanding in all the fields. Although less pecuniary in the initial stage of career, but the cash multiplies along with the line of business up to $ 121,000.
  4. Law – Country’s rules and its regulations are never less deliberated thus the law is another earning and evenly honorable career. The Pay scale of a lawyer increases with their experience and median annual salary move up to $ 114,300.
  5. Education administration – Teaching is considered as one of the most admired career, which gives utmost job satisfaction to the educator along with a handsome salary of $ 88,380 annually.

Thus, aforesaid 5 courses are well thought-out to have the most earning careers.

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