Techniques that teacher play

In today’s time, teachers need to be smart enough to handle smart kids with smart learning techniques. With the world becoming a global village, information about anything and everything is available on finger tips. So the teachers should also be a step forward to handle smart-gen kids. Here are the unique teaching styles which are being adopted in today’s times:


1. Flipped Classroom (Inverting your class):
The Flipped Classroom Model involves encouraging students for preparing their lessons before class. This way, the class creates a dynamic environment where students elaborate on what they have studied. They prepare a topic at home. This ensures that the class next day is devoted to answering any questions about the topic. Eventually, students go beyond their normal boundaries and explore their natural curiosity.

2. Design Thinking (Case Method):
In this technique, real-life cases are resolved through group analysis, brainstorming, innovation and creative ideas. No doubt that “Design Thinking” model is a structured method, but in practice, it can be messy as some cases may have no possible solution.

3. Self-learning:
As we all know that curiosity is the main driver of learning. So as the basic principle of learning, it makes very little sense to force students to memorise large reams of text that they either can’t recall or instantly forget. So students should be allowed to focus on exploring an area which interests them and learn about it for themselves.

4. Gamification:
Gamification is a model that is loved by many kids across the world. Learning through games is a method already been explored by some teachers, especially in elementary and preschool education. What makes this model childrens’ favourite is the fact that by using games, they learn without even realising. So, learning through play or ‘Gamification‘ is a technique effective at any age.

5. Social Media:
Utilising social media in the classroom is the best technique for students. These days, they are always connected to their social network. You have to be sure which methods of teaching are used for varied students as there are hundreds of social networks and possibilities.

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