How to Prepare for IB Mathematics

IB Maths Tuition

Does mathematics frighten you? Do you get annoyed while solving algebra and trigonometry questions? You’re not alone; many students find Mathematics; especially IB Maths, tough and challenging. But, you can prepare and ace your mathematics exam if you follow the following tips:


  • Implement Your Study Skills – Set your own speed


If you want to score high grades in IB mathematics, you should know all basic formulas and applications. This usually comes with practice! Try to find out the way that helps you decipher techniques to solve problems. For example, if you learn by writing, you should make notes while you study.


  • IB Maths tuition


Mathematics is difficult to practise without external help. If you join an institute, an experienced tutor can provide you with several methods to solve a particular type of problem. By this way, you can understand concepts instead of swotting them up. Another benefit of getting IB Maths tutoring is you will be provided with enough study material for practice. With a Rostrum tutor, you can clear all your doubts in advance so there is no confusion before the exam.


  • Practise as Much as You Can – Maths is all about practise!


Maths is not a theoretical subject. You need a clear understanding of all topics that comes with practise. After your classes at school or with a tutor, you should revise that topic immediately so you do not forget it. If you face any problem, you should ask your tutor the next day. Memorising can help in learning formulas but practise is the key for getting a 7 in IB Mathematics. You should try and understand the topics and concepts in depth. Rostrum Education can help you do just that!


  • Attempt Mock Tests or Past Papers


Understanding the material is not enough to ace in maths. You need lots of practice, and the best source for this is mock tests and previous years’ question papers. Rostrum students take a mock test every week which helps them in getting a 7 in IB Mathematics. With the help of mock tests, you will be able to identify your problems and work on them. The strategy is the key while studying IB Mathematics!


  • Revision Courses


We understand that IB can be stressful with 6 subjects, EE, TOK and CAS. If you are still facing difficulties in Mathematics, you can always use Rostrum’s revision courses which will not only help you in practising questions but will also help in understanding the concepts and acing the exam.

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