Competitive Exams: Tough nut to crack?

Most of the time students still caught unawares when they finish their graduation. Even after doing graduation they are not very much sure about their career and enter the jamboree of Competitive Exams. These situations happen because our institutions fail to deliver a product that can match industry specific requirements. As a result, students who have just passed out from their college cannot secure a job, for instance in chemistry-specific industry for which they have successfully completed the course. Some experts are of the view that Chemistry coaching classes institutes are bogged down by overbearing bureaucracy and a focus on rote learning rather than critical thinking and comprehension. Moreover, the curriculum in most places is outdated and disconnected from the real world. Left with no other option the poor student embraces the challenge to sit for competitive exams in order to grab a job or secure a seat in a premier business school like IIMs.

In India as there is a disequilibrium between demand and supply side, Competition has become an integral part of student’s life. Pressure like Parental pressure, societal pressure and peer pressure etc. is a major factor for this maddening rat race among students. Competitive Exams have become mandatory for all post graduate courses like for medical, engineering or govt. jobs. Competitive exams including govt. competitive exams gauge analytical, quantitative and English skills of the students.The competition is so severe that students have to put in various resources like time, money and energy that are at their disposal in an attempt to honing the skills required to succeed in these exams. On an average a student, let us say, for securing a career in chemical industry, has to put in one or more years of time that sometimes stretches upto three to four years in order to prepare himself for facing the competition. With this comes the picture of coaching centers which are spinning money at the sorry state of Indian education system and misery of students. Some chemistry coaching classes used to bombard the students with mock tests, assuring them of getting their fundamentals cleared, making them attempt previous years’ questions papers and this whole process generally consumes the whole day of a candidate. Gradually, the students start reeling under pressure. But this is not the case with Chemistry Bench. The coaches at Chemistry Bench make sure to keep students tress free to increase their productivity.

The students buckle under the pressure when they fail in their attempts to clear the exam which instill the fear towards sitting in an exam. The very thought of lacs of students competing in the exam to grab their share of pie sends shivers down the spine of candidates. Then there is psychological pressure of performing well in exam from the parents and peers. Under so many compulsions, students feel demotivated and disoriented.

So what is the way out?

Acknowledging the fact that there is huge pressure on students to outshine in these exams, some simple tips can take the pressure off the students to a great extent.

Introspection is necessary to analyse whether you have genuine interest and required aptitude for a particular subject or field. With failure comes the success, don’t get disheartened with failed attempts, start afresh after learning from your mistakes. Chalk out a strategy to have a clear road map for your preparation. Never shy away from your doubts and get it cleared then and there with the help of your teachers. Avoid procrastination by dilly dallying your planned schedule. Group discussion helps a lot in getting the knack of the subject.  Above all, determination and perseverance holds the paramount importance to unlock the secret of success.

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