Career Options Available After PhD

We are much ahead of the time when PhD holders were thought to be seen only in the universities designated as professors or assistant professors. Oh! It’s not at all a qualm on the competencies of the PhD’s, rather a clear picture of less demand and more supply of the academia and scholars respectively is revealed here. Anyways, researchers should not get thwarted in the course, as many other alternative career options are there on the list –
Consulting – PhDs have a better insight and analytical view of the bigger picture and therefore preferred by consulting firms. These researchers graduates focus on the quantitative and qualitative development of the related firm. Thus, if you hold a doctorate, consulting firms are always good career options for you.
Research and development labs – Research labs are professionally fit for those having done their doctorate in a practical subject like science. Along with the high designation, they also offer 50% higher salary initially as compared to their classmates, which they may expect after five years of experience.
Entrepreneurship – Entrepreneurship is something that needs innovation and thorough knowledge about the thought you pursue. Furthermore, being a research graduate, undoubtedly you are an expert in the venture; thus no one can pull you behind.
Sales – Why sales after PhD? Yes, it’s an obvious question; because generally, sales needs push up that any PhD graduate avoids doing. However, a smart side reflects that all it requires is to approach, add and act as a team. This anyway can be a right job for the PhD graduates.
Writing – Writing is something that a research graduate is an expert at and thus can try this in their field of interest. From academics to the corporate sector, the field is road for you as a subject matter expert.
Therefore, in the flair, you don’t have to take any career stake after holding the highest educational degree instead move out of the boundary with an analytical view.

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